Scottish Terrier Club of Greater New York
What is a Scottie Rescue? A Scottie Rescue is one who has been previously owned and whose owner can no
longer keep them. They are turned in for a variety of reasons and come to us from many sources. Whatever the
circumstances, they are in need of a good home, care, and love, and might just be the perfect Scottie companion
for you.

When a rescue comes into the STCGNY rescue program, several steps must be performed before the dog is
made available to go to their new home. The dogs are washed and groomed so they will look their best! Their diet
is evaluated and improved. They see our veterinarians and are examined to evaluate their health, they are brought
up to date on vaccines, tests are performed to make sure they are free of parasites, heartworm and Lyme
diseases, and they are spayed or neutered if age and health permit before placement. Further testing and
treatment is provided if necessary or indicated. Their temperament and needs are evaluated in order to make the
best choice we can for both the dog and the adopter.

Our rescue program functions on donations and volunteers. Adoption donations are requested to help defray costs
so that we can continue to help the dogs in need. The fee is determined on a case by case basis. We don't require
a donation for dog turnins, but they are always appreciated. We have 501(C)(3) tax exempt status, so any donations
made are tax deductible. We require a home visit, vet and personal reference checks before adopting out a Scottie
rescue, as do most rescue organizations, to ensure our rescues are happy and comfortable for the remainder of
their lives. Volunteers are always welcome to offer whatever help they feel they can contribute!

We work hard to make the perfect and forever match for what each individual Scottie needs with one of our
prescreened applicants. We hope you will trust us with a Scottie you may need to rehome, instead of bringing them
to a shelter or giving them away to someone who may not have experience with the Scottie temperament. We hope
you will consider coming to us if you can provide a loving home to a Scottie who needs a second chance.

STCGNY Rescue Coordinator:
                                                            Erica Cerny, Rescue Coordinator
                                                            94 Frogtown Rd.
                                                            Rockaway, N.J. 07866

                                                            973-361-6790 phone
                                                            862-397-4694 fax

                                                             Download the application here

If you would like to make a donation to STCGNY Rescue:

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                                                              Mr. Richard Cerny
                                                              94 Frogtown Rd
                                                              Rockaway, NJ 07866
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A one year old, adorable male Scottie who came to us off Craig’s list with no information at all. He is a sweet and
cuddly boy, full of terrier energy and loving to sleep under the blankets with you. It was difficult to let him go because
he was so lovable, but he really belonged as an only dog, not being the best at sharing with others. He was placed
with two sisters who own a lovely condo in Greenwich, CT. One is a music teacher and the other a lawyer who
works mainly from home, so he gets plenty of time, love, patience and attention, which was what he craved most!

A one year old, gorgeous wheaten male Scottie, Fritz was given up by his elderly owner when she had to move in
with her daughter and couldn’t take him. 30 pounds of spring loaded muscle made fostering Fritz a bit of a
challenge, but his loving personality and genuine sweetness made us just thankful that he ended up with us year,
so we felt confident in the great life they would provide for Fritz. The boys run together in their yard and burn off lots
of energy. Fritz jogs a few miles a day with his new dad, taking joy in nosing some of the horses along their route.
They also take long daily family walks, which is just what this guy needed!! They are young retirees, so have a lot of
time to devote to our boys. Once again, we feel fortunate for such wonderful local adopters for our rescues. We
know Fritz will live a charmed life and are fulfilled in knowing he is in good hands.
Finnegan and Moira

An adorable pair of three year olds, they were turned in by a family in NY state because they were too busy with their
kids and work to give them any attention. They are shy, but affectionate and beautifully behaved. We decided to hold
out until we could find a home for them together since they had grown up together since puppyhood and were very
bonded. One of our past adopters in Northport, NY, who had recently lost the rescue Shamus they adopted from us
years back to cancer, adopted our pair and they are doing very well with their other dog, a westie. Moira has
attached herself to the woman and Finnegan to her husband, and the three of them bound up and down the
hallways together with glee. We couldn’t be happier with how things ended up for them!